Simon Dearn, Sales

Quick Facts

Name: Simon Dearn

Job: Sales

Offices: Saint Louis, San Diego and Riverside

Charity: Royal National Lifeboat Association

Motto: “Life is for living!” and “Burn bridges spectacularly.”

Dog or Cat?: Both

Desired Super Power: Jedi skills

Problem I want to solve: Reliance on oil

Three guests at my dinner party: Brunel, Captain Fitzgerald, and Babbage


Simon Dearn was born and raised in London, England and left school at 16 to become a sailor.  He attended captain school and then began an eight-year career as a captain, sailing yachts over the seven seas.   He raced and toured and faced many interesting and even terrifying challenges during his career as a captain, including being chased by pirates, nearly losing an entire crew to sharks, being held at gunpoint, and being forced to smuggle fuel.  Mr. Dearn has a great love for sailing and a degree in Naval Architecture which he obtained from The Landing School in Maine.  A master of knots and true handy man, he almost single-handedly rehabilitated the Dearn’s St. Louis home and continues sailing whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Mr. Dearn leads the sales department at Bellatrix PC, crafting and applying our sales and business development plans.  He sets sales goals, analyzes data, procures leads, and builds relationships. When time allows, Mr, Dearn prefers to be sailing with Alicia and their Portuguese Waterdog Fitzroy.  He appreciates great thinkers and open water and hopes to sail around the world with his family sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Simon Dearn, Sales