Kat Blue, Marketing + PR

Quick Facts

Name: Kat Blue

Job: Marketing + PR

Offices: Saint Louis, San Diego and Riverside

Charity: Black Lives Matter and Humane Society

Motto: “Flow like water”

Dog or Cat?: Animals are awesome

Desired Super Power: I’ve been working on my teleportation skills for years now.

Problem I want to solve: I want to put an end to racism and discrimination.

Three guests at my dinner party: Prince, Chelsea Handler, Maya Angelou


Kat Blue is a Minnesota native who found she prefers a much warmer climate.

Kat + Phoenix the Gingerdog

Kat + Phoenix the Gingerdog, your Marketing + PR team

She obtained a B.S. in Social Work from Augsburg College hoping to have a positive impact on the lives of others.  For several years, she worked with families and children involved in dependency court cases while raising two children of her own. Ms. Blue eventually recognized her need to express her creative talents and ideas, beginning a new career in marketing and public relations in 2006.

As the head of our Marketing + PR department at Bellatrix PC, Ms. Blue creates and implements our marketing and public relations content and campaigns and leads all marketing and communications activities.  She maintains our website and social media pages, manages the client database and client experience, handles all media and community relations, internal and external communications, advertising, events, and more.

Ms. Blue appreciates her time with her adult children and can generally be found with her best friend and loyal companion, Phoenix the Gingerdog. She enjoys the beach and hiking, cooking and dining, the arts, living a healthy lifestyle and finding great adventures.