Lawyer Enlists Entire Law Firm To Volunteer At 3-Day Event

September 16, 2015

Bellatrix PC Lawyer Ross M. Poole Esq.

Ross M. Poole Esq.

SAN DIEGO — Who says lawyers are just about billable hours? On September 25, 2015, San Diego attorney Ross Poole will walk for 3 days to raise money for research to stop Multiple Sclerosis.

Poole has enlisted the support of everyone at his law firm, Bellatrix PC, as part of the firm’s company-wide charity initiative, where each employee picks a charity for the firm to support that year.

Challenge Walk MS starts in the Carlsbad Flower Fields and ends in the Embarcadero downtown. The 3-day, 50-mile trek raises money for research and aiding in the care of people diagnosed with MS. 2.3 million people live with MS worldwide.

The walk is hosted by the National MS Society. The National MS Society’s mission is to conduct research that prevents, eliminates and cures the disease. The National MS Society runs networking chapters in all 50 states. Their activities including lobbying and public education.

Poole chose the National MS Society as his Bellatrix PC supported charity because he has a personal connection with MS — his cousin Chrystal Wood has battled MS since childhood.

Poole explains, “Every year she gets worse. More seizures and spasms, and less overall muscle control. Because of MS she has trouble supporting herself. Obviously employment options are limited for someone with a disability like that. Everyday life is a struggle from laundry, making food, cleaning the house.”

Poole argues that MS doesn’t get enough attention for such a devastating disease. “I see how frustrating it is for her. Chrystal is eternally optimistic and upbeat despite everything. But living with MS is hard. I chose to fundraise for the National MS Society because more people need to know.”

Bellatrix PC is a woman-owned law firm founded by Alicia I. Dearn with ideals of conscious capitalism. Dearn encourages each employee to pick a charity to support by volunteerism, which is done on paid company time. Each employee is encouraged to enlist the support of the other employees, with 100% firm participation being the goal.

Dearn says, “The practice of law is about helping people and serving your community. Our charity initiative is one way we remind ourselves of why we became legal professionals in the first place.” Bellatrix PC is a full-service law firm in the areas of business, employment, real estate and intellectual property law, with offices in California and Missouri.

If you would like more information about National MS Society, please visit If you would like to know how to donate, please visit Ross Poole’s fundraising page.